Gas for Restaurants

Gas is the Right Choice for Eco-responsible Restaurants

Auris Energy can provide your restaurant with gas and ensure the security of supply. You will not run out of gas, as it is delivered to your restaurant directly through the pipeline. Restaurants in an area with an existing gas pipeline network can begin using gas easily. Whether you choose natural gas or biogas, we will deliver it directly to your restaurant through the pipeline, which means that you will not have to concern yourself with replacing liquid gas cylinders.

Natural gas is a clean form of energy. You can also choose Finnish biogas, which is 100% renewable. By choosing environmentally friendly biogas for your restaurant, you can compensate for your carbon dioxide emissions. Did you know that biodegradable waste produced in your restaurant can also be converted into biogas through our partners?

Biogas for Restaurant Use

The properties and environmental friendliness of biogas are often the most important reasons to choose biogas. Restaurants that already use natural gas can easily switch to biogas, as the change does not require disruptions in the supply of gas or additional measures regarding the restaurant equipment. Additionally, biogas is currently very competitive against natural gas in terms of costs. Thus, biogas is an easy choice for urban restaurants that care for their environment.


Connect Your Restaurant to
the Gas Distribution Network

Auris Energy is the largest supplier of natural and biogas in Finland. We supply gas throughout all gas distribution networks in Finland. We also offer you the option to opportunity to use renewable Finnish biogas.

Gain access to natural and biogas easily by connecting your restaurant to the gas network in your area. Make the right choice for sustainable development and order natural or biogas to your restaurant!