Responsibility - ESG

Auris Energy Sustainability

At Auris Group, we believe that the most effective way to transition to a zero-emission society is to help companies reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and increase their energy efficiency every day. For companies to remain competitive, and for society as a whole to move towards a cleaner future, we need continuously better and comprehensive energy efficiency, and the cleanest possible energy that can always be relied upon. This guides the operations of our Group today and in the future.

Ensuring a carbon-neutral future is essential for humankind.
Companies can play a large part in reaching this goal, here and now. To combat climate change, companies need cleaner energy that increases their competitiveness and improves their bottom line.

Emission reduction concerns both our own activities and our customers’ operations.
At present, natural gas and biogas are the most significant energy sources used by our company and by our customers. We seek future growth particularly from low-emission energy, such as traditional and medium-deep geothermal heat, other solutions based on heat pumps, and the improvement of energy efficiency. We also believe that the gas business will gradually become even lower in emissions as the share of biogas and synthetic methane grow. 

For each of our customers, we identify the cleanest and most efficient forms of energy based on their current situation and goals, and we provide energy as a service, while continuously improving energy efficiency. We are a technology-independent seller and distributor of energy, which enables us to choose the genuinely best solution for the customer.

”For companies to remain competitive, and for society as a whole to move towards a cleaner future, we need continuously better and comprehensive energy efficiency, and the cleanest possible energy that can always be relied upon.”

We are responsible for providing safe working conditions for our employees. Safety requires particular attention in our industry, as the processing of gas in pipelines and at heat and steam production plants always involves risks. In addition to providing extensive safety training and comprehensive occupational healthcare, we engage our employees in maintaining and developing safety by means of a performance-based remuneration scheme.

The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian crisis the like of which has not been seen in Europe for 75 years, since World War II. The war also presents unprecedented challenges to the day-to-day business operations of Auris Group and its customers. In addition, the war will accelerate the transition to energy solutions characterized by better security of supply, lower emissions and greater sustainability. By the end of May 2022, all of the fuels and services our Group provided were sourced from countries that do not support the war in Ukraine.

With our activities, we support the energy transition of society as a whole and will go a long way in the long run, we will make our own business carbon neutral.

We always provide companies with the cleanest possible energy. Each day, we help our customers achieve their emission reduction targets by always providing them with the cleanest possible energy. Our energy services enable our customers to halve or even fully end their annual carbon dioxide emissions.

We are increasing renewable gases’ share of the gas we sell. We will increase the share of biogas and other renewable gases to at least 50% of all of the gas we sell and distribute by 2035. By 2050, over 75% of our gas products will be carbon-neutral. Achieving this target will depend on the availability of biogas and other sustainable or renewable gases. We develop the availability of gases by investing in new solutions ourselves and by participating in the Finnish national hydrogen cluster, which promotes the development of a full-scale hydrogen economy in Finland.

We are reducing our methane emissions at an accelerating rate. Over the past five years, our Group has invested over EUR 8 million in modernizing its gas distribution network. This has enabled us to reduce our methane emissions by nearly 20% each year. Our current methane leaks represent 0.5 % of the gas we distribute. We are committed to continuing the modernization of our network and thus the reduction of our methane emissions, too.

We are developing more diverse and sustainable heat production. Over 75% of the steam and heat produced by Auris Energiaratkaisut (AER) will be zero-emission by 2030. AER is a technology-neutral company that operates in the energy and heat business using natural gas, biogas, heat pumps, geothermal heat, biomass, and other technologies that promote energy efficiency.