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Auris Energy As a
Company and Our Strategy

We are a Finnish energy company that offers fuel and energy as a service for industry, real estate, construction, and households, for example. We help our customers improve their energy-efficiency with the cleanest and most efficient solutions, flexible and reliable supply of energy, and continuous optimization of energy consumption.


reduction in purchase energy need
and CO2 emissions

It is our mission to transform energy-efficiency and emission reductions into measurable business advantages. We promise to halve our customers’ carbon dioxide emissions and the purchase energy need within the first year of cooperation.


Our company consists of three business units that specialize in technology-independent energy services, sales of gas, and gas distribution.

  • Auris Energiapalvelut identifies, delivers, and optimizes technology- and energy-form-independent steam and heat services.
  • Auris Kaasuenergia is the largest gas seller in Finland, and it focuses on finding our customers the cleanest and best gas solutions available, acting as an advisor on the gas market and price predictability.
  • Auris Kaasunjakelu is a regional gas distribution company, with a distribution area larger than that of any other regional operator. We secure your access to energy today and tomorrow by supplying both natural and biogas, and by ensuring that the distribution network is suitable for the delivery of future energy solutions, such as hydrogen and synthetic gases.




Our Strategy

Our business activities and our strategy are guided by our promise of “Cleaner. Energy. Efficiency” To ensure that businesses retain their competitive abilities, and that our society can continue to move toward a cleaner future, we will need comprehensive energy-efficiency that is constantly being improved, and the cleanest available energy supplied in an ever-reliable manner.

At Auris Energia, we contribute each day to a cleaner and more efficient society by helping businesses improve their energy-efficiency and achieve their CO2 emission reduction targets.

For future growth, we look toward low-emission forms of energy in particular, such as geothermal heat, ground heat, and other solutions based on heat pumps and the improvement of energy-efficiency. By 2030, more than 75% of the steam and heat we produce will be free of emissions.

At present, natural and biogas are the key sources of energy utilized by our company. The gas business continues to grow ever cleaner as biogas and, in the near future, renewable methane increase their share. We are focused on growing the share of renewable gases of all gas we transmit and sell. Our goal is to increase the share of biogas and renewable gases to 50% by 2035, while simultaneously increasing the share of gas produced through P2G (Power-to-gas).

We ensure the suitability of our distribution network for the delivery of both existing and future energy solutions, such as hydrogen and synthetic gases, by regularly investing in the modernization of our network. In addition to this, we aim to ramp up the reduction of methane emissions resulting from our infrastructure. Our goal is to bring the annual methane emissions of our distribution network to less than 0.5% of all transmitted gas by 2030. We also contribute to the promotion of full-scale hydrogen economy in Finland as a member of Hydrogen Cluster Finland.

Business Units


We offer independent consultation for increasing your energy-efficiency, while simultaneously boosting the effectiveness of our customers’ activities by supplying the cleanest energy available – in a flexible and reliable manner.

We will identify, deliver, and optimize technology- and energy-form-independent solutions and carry out the necessary investments to ensure that our customers can focus on their core business activities. Our range of services consists of the supply of steam and heat for industrial applications, heating for residential buildings and properties, and temporary heating for worksites.


We are the largest seller of gas in Finland and an experienced specialist on the gas market, the optimization of energy consumption, and the reduction of energy-related emissions. We identify the best and cleanest gas solutions based on our customers’ needs and offer them our robust expertise on the situation of the gas market and price predictability. We can also advise you on how to improve your energy-efficiency.

We sell natural and biogas for process use in the industry, to housing cooperatives and households, and for use in vehicles through our filling station.


We are the largest gas distribution company in Finland: we distribute gas throughout a larger area than any other regional company. Our network covers 17 cities, towns, and municipalities in Southern Finland. We secure your access to energy today and tomorrow by supplying both natural and biogas, and by ensuring that our distribution network is suitable for the delivery of future energy solutions, such as hydrogen and synthetic gases. We own our distribution network and maintain and monitor it ourselves. Our continuous investments and the modernization of our network allow for significant reductions in the generated methane emissions. We are a stable operator and we have been granted the highest credit classification Rating Alfa (Suomen Asiakastieto Oy).


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